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Introducing Gameslinger Enterprises

Welcome to the Gameslinger Enterprises blog. I've had this domain registered for more than a year now, but as I started to ramp up production efforts on A Penny For My Thoughts, I realized it was finally time for Gameslinger Enterprises to make its presence known.

What do I plan to do here? Two things. First, I'll be talking about my game publishing efforts, starting with Penny. Over the next few months I'll be posting a series of articles about the genesis of the design, where I'm at now and how I got there, and, as we move forward, how it's progressing. I hope they'll spark some interest in a game that I'm really excited to publish.

Second, I'll be using this as a place to post my game design thoughts, primarily about roleplaying games, but board games certainly aren't out of the question. This is something I haven't talked about much online. For the last two years or so I've been writing down design ideas as they occur to me, but I haven't been sharing them. A month or so ago I had an idea for a hack for Spirit of the Century, and instead of filing it away, I posted it to Story Games. I was amazed and thrilled by the discussion it generated, so I decided that I should do more of that. If the last two years of writing and designing have taught me anything, it's that the old adage about ideas is true: they're cheap, so don't worry about people stealing them. It's only when the hard work and polish are put behind them that they're really worth something.

There's always the chance that this site will get put to another, unanticipated use, but I guess we'll deal with that when it happens. Sound good? Great. Let's get started.

First Post!

Thanks to the generosity of Josh Roby, the Gameslinger Enterprises website lives! Actual content to follow. I promise.

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