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Delta Green, Session Six

Back in early June, Ted, Christina, Roy, and I sat down to figure out what we wanted to play next. The concept that grabbed us was the idea of a Delta Green cell, inactive since late 2001, that realized they needed to "get the band back together." The game is set in Houston in 2006, and while the original idea was to play it with the Unknown Armies mechanics, we quickly realized that there wasn't a published system that quite did what we wanted. So, after two sessions of what we termed "hippie freeform play," I sat down to design something that would work for us.

Last night I handed out what I consider the first "real" version of The Game With No Name. We'd played three sessions with a prior incarnation, but all that had was a character sheet and something theoretically connected components. (Due to the last few months being summer, we'd only gotten in five sessions of play in June, July, and August. ) The current version actually hooks things together with feedback loops, which for my money is what makes a real game. We didn't have much of a chance to use it, as our session was short due to Roy's recent return from Greek and subsequent jet-lag, but I think it will work out.

In brief, it's a mashup of Otherkind dice with Burning Wheel-style Beliefs and Unknown Armies' Madness Meters. Last night Ted pointed out that it should have some type of cell resource system, a la Conspiracy X, so I guess I have another source to pillage before next week.

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