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Back From GenCon

I almost didn't make it back from GenCon on Monday night, but thanks to the foresight of an American Airlines gate agent and my willingness to run through LAX, I did.

Now that I'm back and caught up on sleep, two things stand out from the Best Four Days in Gaming:

  • My GenCon is only tangentially about gaming. I played more games in the two days I spent at Ken and Sheila's place than I did during all of GenCon. For me, it's all about the people. I reconnected with old friends, met new ones, and missed people who weren't there. A sense of impending loss haunted me every morning in Indianapolis, as I couldn't stop thinking¬† there were only a few days left until I lost the opportunity to see these great people for another year. But as soon as I ran into someone on my way to the show floor, I was caught up in the excitement. If you're someone I talked to at GenCon, thank you for making it an amazing show for me.

  • Having people tell you that your game is fun is tremendously fulfilling. Yes, I sold through the all of the copies of A Penny For My Thoughts that I had with me (which exhausts the first print run, by the way). And yes, that felt good, in both wallet- and ego-related ways. But the experience of having multiple people come up to me and say, "We played Penny last night, and it was awesome, and we had fun!" blew my mind. If nothing else comes of Penny, it's been a success for me.

So that was the essence of GenCon for me. And now it's forward into the New Gamer Year.

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