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Friday Roundup for 14 December 2012

What have I been up to recently?

Body and Mind

I’ve had a recurring case of extensor tendinitis, which is not my favorite thing in the world, but given all of the other health problems I don’t have, I’ll take it. I’ve not been able to run, so I’ve made up for it by making sure my Fitbit ticks over to 10000 steps every day. That’s given me a lot of time to think, which I’ve been trying to make good use of.

Friends and Family

This is the time of year when everyone throws a party, so we’re making the rounds. We’re also gearing up for two back-to-back parental holiday visits.


I’m within spitting distance of finishing a big knitting project. Watching the tape of our Instant Karma show from last Saturday made me realize that I’ve leveled up as an improviser. And if I’m good, I’ll have a new episode of The Paulcast out tomorrow about an adventure we took on Wednesday. Not bad for a week that started out with me harboring doubts about my creative identity.


Things I’ve read:

This Week’s Soundtrack: Ok Computer, Radiohead


We finished our book club discussion of Agile Testing at work this week; now I need to finish taking notes on it.

The Weekend

Cleaning the house in preparation for the aforementioned visitors, then flying to Wisconsin for a few days for work.



Friday Roundup for 9 November

My “weekly” check-in of where I’m at.

Body and Mind

I’m getting back on track with running again, because regular exercise clearly is a keystone habit for me. So many more things go right when I’m active. I’ve realized that what I need to do is slowly ramp up to 4-5 runs and 12-15 miles a week, and then just leave it there for a few months, so as to build good habits. As much as I want to have run a marathon, I can’t rush into it. My cardio and endurance aren’t the issues; those come on-line pretty quickly. What I need to do is build my muscles, ligiments, and tendons and improve their resilience and resistance to injury.

Friends and Family

I’ve been a little asocial this week, although this weekend ought to help with that. We’re also in the planning stages of the Grand Parental Visitations for this holiday season.


Knitting, improv, LARPing, and the SCA are my creative outlets right now. They’re all going pretty well. I’ve been teaching some improv as well as performing, and that’s always useful for seeing how far I’ve come as well what I need to work on next.


I’ve been soaking up a ton of articles, videos, slides, etc., in the last week or so. Here are what I think are the most interesting pieces.

Videos I’ve watched:

Business articles:

Election-related articles:

Other stuff:

This Week’s Soundtrack:

  • All The Roadrunning, Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris
  • Real Live Roadrunning, Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris


In addition to all that reading above, I’ve been working through Agile Testing with a couple of people at work. We’re getting down to the wire with our project at work, and I’m looking forward to seeing how we’re going to work differently on the next one.

The Weekend

Tomorrow is the first SCA event Gwen and I will be attending. She’s ensured that we’ll look awesome. Sunday is the last Houses of the Blooded game for the year, which should be all kinds of fun.



Link Roundup for 26 September 2012

I mentioned a few days ago that I’ve seen a lot of improvement recently in my ability to focus and get things done. Here are some ideas that helped me do that.


The Best Kind of Busy

Things, as they say, have been good. I’ve been spending the last few months getting used to a) sleeping more, b) running regularly, and c) eating better. It’s amazing what this has done for my ability to focus and to get things done. This week was an intense period at work, not because of the amount that we need to accomplish, but because the kind of things I needed to do (including helping the team come to agreements about working practices that incorporated a lot of diverse and often unspoken viewpoints) were emotionally trying. Without the habits I’ve been developing, I wouldn’t have made it through.

So the reason you haven’t been hearing from me is that I’ve been soaking a lot of things up, doing a lot of inner work, and building a solid foundation for creativity. And now it feels like I’m starting to come out of my cocoon.


Friday Roundup for 3 August 2012

My weekly check in of where I’m at.

 Body and Mind

I had forgotten that whenever I start to get back into a routine of regular exercise, the fourth week is the one where I suddenly become hungry all the time. This week kicked up to five days of running, but they’re all still light days, so I haven’t had any excuses not to do them. I haven’t been as good about tending to my (as Judd refers to it ) “sleep hygiene” and by Wednesday I was getting a little bleary-eyed. Last night was better, though, and it confirmed that if I want to be at my best, I need to get eight hours of sleep a majority of the nights of the week.

 Friends and Family

Between last Saturday’s tabletop game in Los Angeles and the Wednesday night debrief we hosted, I saw a ton of Dying Kingdoms’ folks this week. Now we’re up in Santa Clara for the West Coast Meeplefest, an annual gathering of sixty or so boardgamers we’ve been attending for about five years now. Most of the people here we see only once a year, and it’s good to be back.


Last weekend’s Dying Kingdoms game was a ton of fun, and I’m now very excited for the court game on Memorial Day Weekend. With the short work week, I ended up focusing on that more than my own projects, but I did get the fiction recording I’d been working on send of to the podcast editor. (I’ll let you know what it was when it airs.) Now I need to start digging in and preparing for the the Houses of the Blooded game I’m helping run at the convention at the end of the month. And next week my long-form improv team starts back up, now that Talia’s back from her honeymoon.


Things I’ve read:
* On Tackling Misconceptions
* The Limits of Control
* The Two Taxi Problem
* The Secret of Malcolm Gladwell’s Success
* Tips on How To Be More Creative by John Cleese
* 10 Charts About Sex
* Letter From a Birmingham Jail
* Why Women Still Can’t Have It All
* News Flash: No One Can Have It All

The soundtrack of the week: Not much.


This week was all about staying the course, rather than trying to make big breakthroughs. Kevin was in town this week, and having him practice TDD with Ryan and Carol seemed to have turned out well. We’re taking August off from the book club (because they’ll be out for most of it), so I think we’ll do Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory’s Agile Testing in September. Time to get reading.

 The Weekend

Meeplefest today, tomorrow, and Sunday, with a trip to The Trappist on Saturday and meals with other Bay Area friends sprinkled in as well.

That’s my week and weekend. Yours?

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