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Waiting To Be Born

My birthday was two weeks ago. Since then, I’ve been waiting to be born.

Three weeks ago I accepted a new job. Then were were closed for the week of Fourth of July. This week I’ve been wrapping up loose ends at work; my last day is next Wednesday. A week from Monday I’ll start at the new place. I’ll be there for a week and a half before taking a few days of vacation and going to conference for a week. It’ll be the middle of August before things fall into a new routine.

The net effect is that for roughly two months I’ll be in this weird, transitional limbo. I’ve started letting go of the past, but I don’t quite have a future to grab on to.


Writing and Not Writing

Why have there suddenly been posts here in last week or so, when there hadn’t been for months? What’s been happening recently that’s different?

Quite simply, I’m writing more because I’m reading, watching, and listening more. I write when I feel I have an idea worth sharing. Those ideas largely come from somewhere outside my head, from a book, an article, a video, or conversation. They then bounce around inside my head, collide with each other, and turn into something new. For the first four months of this year, though, I wasn’t exposing myself to those idea sources nearly enough.

And that has changed.


Where Have I Been?

I’ve been trying to pay attention to this advice.

More (hopefully) to come.


Friday Roundup for 4 January 2013

Body and Mind

Yoga continues to be excellent for me; I’m glad I started, and I’m committed to making it part of my routine. The other development of the week was that we restarted SCA Fighter Practice after nearly a month off, due to the holidays. It’s good to spend a few hours a week having to pay close attention to my body and getting very immediate feedback when I do something incorrectly.

Friends and Family

Gwen’s folks were unfortunately unable to make it out for New Year’s, so we ended up going down to see the Rose Parade with our friends Emma and Matt instead. They, like me, grew up in the Midwest, so the notion of wanting to sit outside to watch a parade on January First was exciting. (We also learned that Emma has strong opinions regarding marching bands, specifically: More Sousa and less gold lamé.) It did mean we called it a night early on New Year’s Eve, but I was fine with that.


Kind of a slow week in this category. I’ve decided that I want to generalize my knitting-related activities into “making”: doing something that produces some tangible output, be that knitting, weaving, cooking, or — what I’m doing right now — coloring in a coloring book.


Currently Reading: Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error

Things I’ve Read:

This Week’s Soundtrack: Theatre Is Evil, Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra


Sort of spinning my wheels here, trying to figure out what I want to do next.

The Weekend

An improv show tonight, a party down in LA tomorrow, and starting some armorcrafting on Sunday.



Friday Roundup for 28 December 2012

Three weeks in a row for the roundup? I’m seriously tempting Fate for next Friday, aren’t I?

Body & Mind

I got a slow start on it, but I finished strong on the 30 Days of Yoga (For People Who Are Too Busy To Do Yoga) program. I’d noticed in November that a lot of my running problems were related to a lack of lower-body flexibility, my massage therapist had commented on the amount of tension I was carrying in my right hamstring and calf (which was certainly contributing to my turf toe), and my friend Judd had forwarded me this article about yoga poses for runners, so I thought it might be good to try a few things. I can feel how much it’s helped my legs and back, so one of my challenges for January is to keep up the routine until it becomes a real habit.

Friends & Family

My parents were with us for Christmas, and we visited some of our friends and their family down in Newbury Park yesterday. Unfortunately, events have conspired against Gwen’s folks, so they won’t be able to make it out here for New Year’s. We’ve got backup plans, however, which we are putting into action.


This week has primarily been about tying up loose ends on current projects and thinking about possible future ones, rather than doing any heavy lifting creatively. My parents did enjoy the scarf I’d spent the last two months on and the hat that I’d knitted on my trip to and from Wisconsin, so that was good. With Gwen’s help I should have some pictures up soon.


I mentioned I had a backlog, right?

Things I’ve Read:

This Week’s Soundtrack: Best of Bootie 2012, Various Artists


I’m within spitting distance of finishing Agile Testing. I also started to take a look at classes and conferences I might like to attend in 2013. Other than that, I’ve been trying not to think about work.

The Weekend

Two shows at the VIC, a big effort at putting the house back in order, and maybe even a run on Sunday.